Hybrid Meeting Solution for
Creative Collaboration
Designed for today’s evolving workforce, AMLOS makes hybrid meetings authentic and customizable. Remote users are able to select their preferred views to clearly see different people, objects, and areas in the room—making them feel like they are physically there with the team.
Never before has a solution combined a state-of-the-art, self-correcting PTZ camera with such innovative, advanced software. The result? A truly genuine, engaging experience for remote participants.

Demo the experience

Toggle between REMOTE USER VIEW and PRESENTER CONTROL to explore the interface.
Screen Sharing
Easily share your own screen to display documents to the rest of the team.
Multiple Views
See up to three views at once.
Whiteboard View
Digitally cropped and adjusted for head-on visibility with a transparent view of the people in the room. (Tip: Keep moving—if you stand in front of the whiteboard for too long, AMLOS will think you’re part of it.)
Live Video Stream & Photos
Switch between multiple live video streams and captured high-res images.
Using hand gestures, in-person participants can direct the camera to an area or object of interest and capture high-res images for remote users.
Hand Gestures
Make a thumbs-up sign next to your face.
Place an open-faced palm—with fingers spread—in front of what you want spotlighted. Close your fingers together until the green light is blinking then remove your hand.
Form a C-shape next to your face to take an angle-corrected snapshot of the live whiteboard.
Hold an open-faced palm next to your face.

How to Design Your AMLOS Huddle Space

  1. The camera must be positioned within the space so that it can capture as much of the area as possible.
  2. A camera height of six feet is ideal
    (it can be mounted on a wall or tripod).
  3. The whiteboard can be positioned anywhere within the camera’s viewing range. AMLOS automatically adjusts it for head-on display.
  4. Monitor. (Optional)
Cr-N500 PTZ Camera Cr-N300 PTZ Camera

No Monitor

A monitor is not required. In-office users can focus on, and engage in, the active conversation along with the remote users.

One Monitor

The monitor should show the (recommended) Teams/Zoom/WebEx view of the remote user’s face via video stream.

Two Monitors

  • Monitor #1 showing Teams/Zoom/Webex, etc.
  • Monitor #2 showing the AMLOS UI
    (so the in-office user can see what the remote user sees).

Note: The source of the image on the monitor is the in-office participant’s personal laptop

How to Configure Your AMLOS System

Select Your In-Office Network Setup

Seamless Integration

AMLOS layers an additional visual experience on top of the existing meeting experience.